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Sound Amplification And Super Hearing!
Top Flight Professional Gear To Hear!

Sonic Ear Mini Shotgun Mic
A sound amplification system for the budget minded.

Hands Free Cell Phone Voice Changer
And Hands Free Cell Phone Mic

Available for the first time - telephone voice changer for mobile/cordless and cellular phones! Normal plus four different voices. Now you can answer your cell phone or call someone on your cell phone without anyone recognizing your voice. Just switch a button and completely change your voice. Universal to fit all mobile/cordless and cellular phones. When you are not using the item as a voice changer, it will also make a great hands-free head set for your cell phone. Just switch the unit to normal voice and speak hands-free.

Micro Bionic Super Ear
Imagine having a bionic ear that would allow you to secretly hear from great distances. Well now you can with the Micro Bionic Super Ear. Its mini size, light weight and skin tone color allows for the wearer to hear from great distances without anyone even knowing you’re wearing it. Its ultra-sensitive microphone allows for crisp, clear audio all in a discreet, tiny earpiece.
Parabolic Microphone Sound Amplification System
This parabolic mic sound amplification system doesn't even
come close to the "Gibson" model but it's powerful enough and designed for the professional on a budget.
Micro Small Shotgun Mic Amplification!
The World's Smallest Ultra-Powerful Shotgun Mic System. Highly Sensitive Supercardiod System
Sound Pro! The Super Amplified Shotgun Mic
There are many inexpensive shotgun mics on the market today but this one uses one of the best shotgun directional mics on the market. More than that, the SoundPro II features double amplified sound enhancement and noise filtering for the very best results in sound amplification.
Telephone Voice Changer
Economical, portable, and easy to use. The Televoicer offers eight pitch adjustments: 3 high, 3 low, normal, and “robot”. Simply hold Televoicer over the mouthpiece of your telephone.
Works on cordless phones, pay phones, walke talkies, and standard phones, 9 volt battery powered.
Gibson High Grade Broadcast Quality Parabolic Mic System
Known Throughout The World AS The Finest Parabolic Sound
System Made With The Ability To Record A Bird One Mile Away!

Stationary Covert Video! Bodywear Covert Video Pocket Digital Video Recorder
Micro Pinhole Cameras GPS Tracking Digital Audio Recorders
Countermeasures Gear Digital Spy Cameras Sound Amplification
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