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Showroom: Spy Exchange, 9513 Burnet Road, Austin, Texas 78758
Exclusive Agent For LawMate Products In The United States, Canada,
Caribbean Islands, Mexico, Latin America, South America And Parts Of Africa

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Top 12 LawMate Current Best Sellers You Should Feature

PV-IP6HWD - LawMate iPhone 6 Invisible Secrets Covert Video Case

PV-WT10 LawMate Smart Wrist Watch Covert Video Recorder

PV-RC200HDW LawMate Wi-Fi Enabled 1080p Key Chain Covert Video Recorder

PV-500LITE3 With Free Button Camera Kit

PV-CHG20i (iOS) WiFi 1080p Charger Covert Video Camera

PV-RC300FHD - LawMate - New Generation Mini CamStick 1080p

AR100 - LawMate Audio Key Chain Recorder

PV-CHG20i (Droid) WiFi 1080p Charger Covert Video Camera

PV-RC200HD2 New Third Generation LawMate Brand Key Chain Video Recorder HD - Now 1080p!

PV-500HDW LawMate WiFi Portable Pocket DVR With Button Camera Kit

RD-10 LawMate Multi-Function Countermeasures Detector

PV-CC10 LawMate Coffee Cup Lid Covert Video DVR

LawMate Logos You Can Use

What's The Difference Between An Authorized LawMate Retailer And A Certified LawMate Retailer?
An Authorized LawMate Retailer is a stocking dealer who has meant the minimum stock purchasing
requirements from LawMate America and has product knowledge about LawMate products.
A Certified LawMate Retailer is an Authorized LawMate Retailer who has been in business
for one year, is a stocking LawMate Dealer from LawMate America and has sold a minimum
of $10,000 of LawMate products from obtained LawMate America. If you are accessing
this page, you likely already qualify to use the Authorized LawMate Retailer logo
on your web site. To upgrade and for use of the
Certified LawMate Retailer Logo- email:

What Is A LawMate Authorized Web Site?
A LawMate Authorized Web Site is an Authorized Or Certified LawMate web site
that is approved by LawMate America. It's simple and quick to have your web site
approved as an Authorized LawMate web site. LawMate products simply need
to be correct as to their description, each LawMate product must state that
it is a LawMate product and LawMate products must be separated on
a menu page that indicates that the products on that page are LawMate Grade Products.
Before using the Authorized LawMate WebSite Logo- email:
to get your web site approved as authorized.

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Dealers Please Note: In order to avoid confusion in the market place, avoid illegal bait and switch tactics and protect the value of the trademarked name LawMate from delusion - one years ago, LawMate International and LawMate America instituted standards for ad copy and wordage concerning the sales of all LawMate brand security and surveillance products. All LawMate brand products needs to be identified as a LawMate product in any and all ad copy. Failure to do so will result in suspension of the ability to sell any LawMate brand products. -Lawmate International And LawMate America

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