New Generation Stealth ProSurveillance Video Pack
Covert Surveillance Bodywear Kit!
Covert Video Eyeglasses Now With Totally Clear Lenses Powered By DVR!
Three Other Interchangeable Darker Lenses For Outside Use!
High Grade Button Camera Powered By DVR!
Pocket DVR With Time/Date Stamping Display!
Super Blowout Sale! Was $479.95 Now Only $295.00

Complete covert surveillance kit includes color hi-resolution (380 LOR) cmos sunglasses camera, button camera and perfectly matched pocket video/audio digital recorder. Sunglasses and button camera are powered by the DVR - no need for bulky additional batteries. DVR features time/date display, quick swap battery , adaptor/recharger, USB cable and computer software for downloading to your PC. 128 Mb internal memory and SD card slot for 5 hours recording. Kit also includes RCA cables for replay on monitor or TV and heavy duty custom carrying/storage case.

Covert Video Glasses In Action!

The photo on the left is a photo of the covert video eyeglasses in action! In this case, the covert video needed is inside so the completely clear lens is used. You can swtich them out for a darker lens with three different tinted lens sets that come in the package. As you can see from the photo on the left, only you would know that covert video footage is being taken and you are able to shoot excatly what your eyes see. The covert video DVR is in the pocket on the case. We could have just as easily used the button camera by attacking it to the button of this polo shirt. The button camera is inclused in this covert video surveillance package.

Stylish covert sunglasses camera with interchangeable tinted lenses ranging from dark (for outside use) to clear (for inside use).

New Generation Pro/Pak Kit Includes:
• Color Eyeglass Covert Video Camera
• Eyeglass Camera Has 4 Sets Of Interchangeable Lenses!
• New Generation Eyeglass Camera With Completely Clear Lenses!
• High Resolution Button/Pinhole Camera!
• Black Pocket DVR That Powers Eyeglass And Button/Pinhole Camera!
• DVR Has Time/Date Display Feature!
• LCD Display "Off" Control Increase Battery Power!
• High Resolution 2.,5 Inch TFT LCD Display (480 X 235)
• 1 GB SD Card
• Hardshell Carry Case
• High Capacity Standard Camera Batteries
• Recharger/AC Adaptor
• USB And RCA Cables

The New Generation ProPack Covert Surveillance Bodywear Kit has it all! Obtain advanced features in the all-in-one ProPack Covert Surveillance Bodywear Kit at special limited time reduced pricing!

New Generation ProPack Covert Surveillance Bodywear Kit
Super Blowout Sale! Was $479.95 Now Only $295.00



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