Micro Bionic Super Ear

Imagine having a bionic ear that would allow you to secretly hear from great distances. Well now you can with the Micro Bionic Super Ear. Its mini size, light weight and skin tone color allows for the wearer to hear from great distances without anyone even knowing you’re wearing it. Its ultra-sensitive microphone allows for crisp, clear audio all in a discreet, tiny earpiece.

The Micro Bionic Super Ear comes complete with its own volume control to allow the listener to gradually increase the distance one wants to hear from. Rates hearing of a soft sound 100 feet away. Simply put, this tiny, cutting-edge device will turn any average Joe into a super sensitive bionic listening post. (Not intended as a medical device.)

• Uses: 4 cell batteries (included)
• 3 different sized ear tips
• Mini size + light weight allows it to fit comfortably into your ear.
• Adjustable volume control built into the unit.
• Over 20 hours of use before replacing batteries.
• Size : 3.2 g. (including batteries)

Now you can hear it all!

Micro Bionic Super Ear
MSRP: $129.50 Your Cost Only $59.95



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