MAP( (Minimum advertised pricing)

Minimum advertised pricing programs are widely used by leading high technology companies in other industries; E-commerce, coupled with existing competitive pressures, inspired us to design a plan that will best help us maintain our commitment to our resellers. LawMate strives to provide the best support programs to its resellers i.e. returns, technical.

LawMate understands the value that reseller partners bring to the company's success and the rewards necessary for their partners to achieve success. MAP was adopted in part with the goal of supporting LawMate resellers by maintaining channel health, without the resellers having to reduce the services they provide their customers in order to compete. Purchase or marketing of Lawmate products will be considered an agreement to adhere to MAP pricing.

The MAP pricing policy applies only to advertised prices and does not apply to the price at which the products are actually sold or offered for sale to an individual consumer with in the dealers in retail location or over the telephone. Dealers remain free to sell this product at any price they elect. MAP pricing does not establish maximum advertised pricing. All dealers may offer and product at above MAP price.

Intentional and /or repeated failure to abide by this policy with result in termination of MAP preferred pricing.